Our QuiC SLED devices demonstrate marked advantages in wavelength, power, efficiency and value - which enable new applications and markets in multi-spectral illumination, health and environmental sensing, and communications.

Health Tracking and Capnography

A Capnogram measures the exhaled concentration of carbon dioxide in a patient’s breath in order to assess physiological status or adequacy of ventilation during anesthesia. THzDC QuiC SLED™ carbon dioxide LEDs expand monitoring capabilities, including enabling portable and disposable capnography solutions. Additional health monitoring applications are available.

Smart Buildings and HVAC

Most Americans spend a significant amount of time indoors—either in the home, office or other types of buildings—where gases, chemicals and other pollutants can cause headaches, eye irritation, allergies, cognitive impairment and fatigue.  Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health and an essential component in keeping make up air costs down Using our QuiC SLED™ LEDs to measure CO, CO2, formaldehyde, and VOC’s accurately addresses both the short and long term effects of these gases in productivity and overall health. 

Oil and Gas

Capturing fugitive methane emissions, complying with tight regulations, and keeping teams safe are critical tasks for users in oil and gas industries. THzDC QuiC SLED™ sensors and detectors provide opportunity to distribute sensors in large networks for remote monitoring or outfit workers with reliable wearable sensors. Important chemicals for this industry include methane, benzene, CO2, formaldehyde and other VOCs.  


Tightly sealed smart cabins can potentially poison occupants with increased levels of CO, CO2, formaldehyde, nitrous oxide, and VOC’s. Accurate monitoring systems incorporating our THzDC QuiC SLED™ LEDs which target these gases, can assist in efficient fresh air exchanges with a close eye on maintaining battery life.

Personal Air Quality (PAQ™)

What is your PAQ™? What is the air like that you are breathing right now?  Everybody cares, nobody knows. THzDC QuiC SLED™ sensors and detectors enable hyper-local air quality monitoring, or what we like to call Personal Air Quality™ (PAQ™). With our LEDs you can have real-time access to information about your exposure to harmful gases like CO, C02, ammonia, formaldehyde and other VOCs.

Custom Solutions

The impact of  LED sensing technology is limitless. In addition to gas sensing THzDC QuiC SLED™ devices work great for communication and illumination applications.

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