Photodiode Amplifier for the PDQ Products Now Available

For immediate release

Salt Lake City, Utah – April 2015 – Terahertz Device Corporation announces its photodiode amplifier (PDA) for the PDQ (photodiode QuiC) of its QuiC SLED™ product line. The amplifier matches the PDQ impedance, producing a photodetector fast enough to follow a QuiC SLED™ mid-infrared LED signal.

The PDQ operates at room temperature, reducing cryogenic system needs. New gas sensing and communication applications open in the mid-infrared with a PDQ-QuiC SLED™ pair configured for high-speed and low-power. The PDA cuts engineering time and expenses, ensuring the PDQ works out of the box.

The QuiC SLED™ developer kit combines the regulated pulse driver with the PDQ photodiode amplifier, mounts, and optics.


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