Terahertz Device Corporation announces the first mid-infrared LEDs of its new QuiC SLED™ product line

Salt Lake City — May 2014 — Terahertz Device Corporation has announced availability for the first devices of its QuiC SLED™ product line. The LEDs emit 4.25 µm wavelength light, with peak powers above 2 milliwatts. This new technology brings bright, fast-switching lights to the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) atmospheric window, and the emission peak of this first product overlaps the carbon dioxide absorption line. These lights enable and enhance applications in chemical and gas sensing, thermal imaging, night vision, spectroscopy, biophotonics, medical sensing, and communications.

“These first devices easily push past the milliwatt barrier for mid-infrared LEDs,” says CEO Mark Miller. “Truly frontier devices, they validate our LED technology. The QuiC SLED™ technologies position us to define the envelope for LED wavelength, power, and performance, throughout the mid-infrared spectrum.”

The devices are quantum interband-cascade superlattice light-emitting diodes, and the key technologies behind the QuiC SLED™product line cover mid-infrared wavelengths from about 3 µm to 15 µm. The company is developing and introducing devices across the mid-infrared spectrum, including many standard and custom wavelengths for which no other LED solutions are available. Compared to thermal, blackbody emitters, these LEDs have modulation frequencies more than a million times faster and do not require optical filter assemblies to select wavelengths. Compared to quantum cascade lasers and interband cascade lasers, these LEDs have broader lines to cover larger spectral ranges, they ensure eye-safe implementations, and they bring device and system cost savings.


About Terahertz Device Corporation

Terahertz Device Corporation develops, produces, and markets light sources and related technologies for applications across the infrared spectrum and terahertz frequency range. For more information visit the website www.thzdc.com or contact Sales@thzdc.com.


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