Terahertz Device Corporation's regulated pulse driver for the mid-infrared QuiC SLED

April 16, 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah (April 2015) – Terahertz Device Corporation announces a current-regulated pulse driver (RPD) for its QuiC SLED mid-infrared LEDs. The driver’s burst mode delivers short pulses of high current for maximum LED brightness without overheating, ideal for time-gating and peak detection where maximum brightness is crucial to performance. A quasi-continuous wave (qCW) mode generates a low-amplitude pulse train at 50% duty cycle, suited for time-averaged power detection by maximizing emitted photons per period. Lock-in amplifiers likewise benefit under qCW mode.

The RPD cuts engineering time and expenses, ensuring the QuiC SLED works out of the box. Matched to the QuiC SLED, the RPD protects the LED and delivers a repeatable current and brightness. The active feedback regulation provides a consistent drive current under variable load conditions with changing device temperatures and between devices.

The QuiC SLED developer kit combines the RPD with the PDQ photodiode amplifier, mounts, and optics.

About Terahertz Device Corporation

Terahertz Device Corporation develops, produces, and markets light sources for illumination, sensing, and communication across the infrared spectrum and terahertz frequency range. For more information visit the website www.thzdc.com or contact Sales@thzdc.com.

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