First Mover Advantage

A new report published by Research and Markets projects the mid-IR sensor industry is poised to “change everything” and “drive significant change”, impacting all industries. Some driving factors for the predicted success include the ability of mid-IR LEDs to achieve better cost-benefit ratios than other technologies, and the ability to adjust the semiconductor layers for new functionality resulting in LEDs of various wavelengths.

At Terahertz Device Corporation we couldn’t agree more.

Based on our extensive patent portfolio, THzDC currently manufactures the longest wavelength LED that is commercially available, as well as mid-IR LEDs with the highest power output. Beyond this, THzDC is able to manufacture LEDs that are tuned to specific wavelengths. More wavelengths result in greater chemical sensing capabilities, while high output power provides increased sensitivity. THzDC LEDs can also be pulsed rapidly, slashing power requirements. Because of THzDC significant advances in mid-IR LED technology, battery operated, cost effective, accurate gas monitoring is now possible —and scale-able.

According to Research and Markets, “Sensors are being implemented in a wide variety of applications by each vendor so as to permit benefit from first-mover advantage in the market.” THzDC new devices demonstrate the edge of mid-IR LED technology, allowing our partners first-mover advantage into existing markets, in addition to enabling new markets.

Forecasts predict mid-IR sensors to grow from 611 million units sold in 2018 to 10.7 billion sensors worldwide by 2025. Now is the time to act. Contact THzDC to find out how you can get in the game and gain first mover advantage using our 3-12 µm QuiCSLED™ technology.